Catching up

I was away for most of last week (thus the dearth of recordings posted), rehearsing and performing a vocal recital in Boston.

The first days back after a trip are always tricky, as I try to handle everything that I didn’t quite deal with while I was gone. This is a week with a few extras in it, and yesterday also happened to be the deadline for a couple of projects, so I ended up feeling out-of-control and like I couldn’t quite catch my breath. That’s the feeling I went for in this improvisation. Today I’m mostly feeling more like I have a handle on things, partly because I was able to practice this morning (as I wasn’t yesterday).

I had a massage while I was gone, and all yesterday, when I was feeling frantic and harried, I kept having moments where I would try to remember what the massage felt like. I put that memory into the middle of this.