It’s a new decade, and I’m coming back to this practice of uploading improvisations.  I’m recording at home, where there’s occasional traffic noise.

As I was coming home from walking my fourth-grader to school, the Burgmuller Arabesque in a minor was running through my head, because I have a student working on it.He’s a music minor with percussion as his primary instrument, and he’s really a beginner pianist, but two years ago he came to my office and asked about learning piano. I gave him my standard reply: here are a couple of recommended books, and you’re welcome to come by my office hours and to come to studio class if you want to, and then we can see. Usually when I tell people that, I never see them again. But he really did it, and he came to every single studio class for two years: he absolutely earned a spot in the studio. So now he’s working on the Burgmuller Arabesque, and doing very well, and he’ll be playing it in studio class this week.

That’s where this particular music came from.

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